Rules and Regulations

Sevier County Homeschoolers

Classes, Activities, Field Trips & Other Activities

1 – Be respectful when the leader/instructor is talking. Be attentive and pay attention.

2 – Be on time. We cannot stress this enough!! Allowing for a few extra minutes is best.

3 – Inappropriate conversation, gestures, clothing, offensive language, or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated nor permitted. If your behavior is making another person uncomfortable then you need to stop.

4 – All areas not reserved for our group is considered off limits during or scheduled event. If we are having a class at the library in one of the downstairs rooms they have asked that we please use the restrooms in the kitchen.

5 – No food at classes/events/activities unless otherwise stated. Please clean up after yourself when food is involved.

6 – Parent MUST STAY ON SITE at events/classes, unless there is another adult designated to care for your students. If you are leaving and someone else has your students please let the leader know know who is in charge of them. This is for the safety of your children. This is a must unless the event is disseminated as a drop off event, in this case each student must be signed in with a contact information of the parent/other responsible adult.

7 – No sick students, if you know your child is sick or possibly contagious please stay home.

8 – No weapons (this includes pocket knives) are allowed at any events. No drugs or alcohol either

9 – Any public display of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is not acceptable at any event.

10 – Show respect for adults and peers, this includes general hand to yourself policy, respect others personal space.

11 – Be respectful of other personal property, facilities, and equipment.

12 – If any personal item becomes a distraction, the leader of the event has permission to take it and hold it until the end of the event/class/activity. It will be returned only to a parent/other responsible adult.

If any rule is broken a warning will be given to the student and the parent for the first offense. Second offense the individual will be asked to leave the event or sit in a designated area, and there will be a required meeting with the leaders before returning to any other event/class/activity. Third offense may result in expulsion from all events/classes/activities. All families doing events must be registered with the Sevier County Homeschoolers group after doing the third event/class/activity, we welcome everyone and there is a free membership option. All adults bringing students must sign and all students over the age of twelve (ones that maybe involved in a drop off event/class/activity).