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Announcing the release of our new Ticketing/Registration Website
Field Trips and Special Events!

As we have many field trips in the works we have created a website that will help us in tracking and ensuring the accuracy of those attending. Many of these trips require that we have accurate separation of Adults and Students as the venues often times need to bring in extra staff and or need to make sure they have the correct amount of supplies to support the group attending.

The previous method has not worked out so well as many have not indicated the separation of Adults and Students and or what trip they are registering for when sending in their payments or registering for the event. Therefore we have created this new site for folks to register as it will give us the proper information we need to provide for each trip to the facility.

Also note if there is a fee for attending the event the prices will include all fees including PayPal fees for processing the payments. If it is a Free event the new system will provide you tickets without going through the PayPal checkout process. Also you will be able to register for multiple trips and pay for them in one transaction.

ALL FIELD TRIPS WILL REQUIRE those attending to go through the registration process of this new program. Paid or Free we need to have accurate attendance data for each trip. So YOU MUST register through this new website to attend any event. It is Mandatory. Commenting on a post on Facebook will NOT get you included in a trip from this point forward.

We encourage everyone to bookmark this new website so you can get to it quickly and easily to view upcoming trips as well as to be able to register for an event.

We appreciate everyone that attends our trips and your help in using this new process to register will help in creating an environment that will make the trips much smoother and more fun for all!